I was trying to recall/search for the name of a new movie about a female robot/android that has become self aware. I saw the trailer in theater. The movie properly is not out yet as of today(2016-06-15).

Things I remember from trailer:

  1. Futuristic world
  2. Android/Robot are common on the street, but they are tools/servants only
  3. The trailer picture the main character walking on the street, and there is something like a bus stop
  4. The story seems to be about this female robot/android trying to hide the fact that she has gain self awareness while living in the human world.

I know it is not the following:

  • The Machine
  • Ex Machina

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Are you talking about Detroit: Become Human? It's a game, not a movie, but it matches every detail you mentioned.

From Wikipedia:

Kara (Valorie Curry) is a freshly-produced android with artificial consciousness who is discovering how it is to live among humans. She struggles to find her place as an autonomous android, in a world where androids are still without consciousness and considered practical tools to improve the comfort of humans.

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    OMG!!! Yes, that's why I cannot find it, I was looking in the wrong category! Thank you very very much!!!!
    – John Siu
    Commented Jun 15, 2016 at 4:56

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