In the 2002 film The Time Machine, the Über-Morlock says to Dr. Alexander Hartdegen that Mara is being kept alive to be used as breeding stock for other colonies or something like that. Did he mean that she was going to another Morlock colony to be used for breeding with the Morlocks at that colony or was she going to breed with that colonies Eloi 'cattle'?

  • Assuming it's anything like the 1960 version, she was going to be bred with other Eloi. – Valorum Jun 18 '16 at 11:19

The implication seems to be that Mara was taken as a surrogate, to be used as a "vessel" for the Morloks to create a new Morlok colony nearby.

Note that there are no Morlok females shown in the film. Surrogacy may be their only way of breeding.

Alex: So it's not enough that you hunt them down like animals.

Overlord: That's their role here.

Alex: To be your food.

Overlord: Yes. And for those who are suitable, to be breeding vessels for other colonies.

Interestingly, in the earlier 2000 draft script, Mara was being taken away to become a Morlok

Alexander discovers Mara, almost lost in the incredibly Baroque chaos of the chamber. She is hanging on a wall, leather straps holding her in place. Filthy plastic IV tubes connect her to some chugging medical equipment.

Alexander reaches up to grasp her hand, can just reach her.


Mara weakly raises her head -- a shocking sight -- already her skin is becoming strangely translucent, her veins beginning to show through.


Mara tries to speak, cannot. Alexander stands for a beat, holding her hand. Then, without turning:


OVERLORD: We have lost the capacity to reproduce. But the species must continue.

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