This one is difficult to explain as I never read it, but always intended to.

It is either a graphic novel, or a comic. There were at least 2 books/comics.

From what I can remember, there was an alien(from best memory) and I think trying to find his way home or was trying to find someone, may have also been a genetically created being, or an android. The art style was all done in a single colour, but shades of that particular colour. One of them was shades of Orange the other shades of Blue.

My best recollection of a time frame was about 2 years ago I saw it, and I'm not certain if it was currently out, or soon to be out.

I've got a single image in my head, where it is an alien/android sitting against a cliff, or possibly in a dried up river. No idea on the language, most likely English, but considering I have the inkling it wasn't out yet, it's possible a translation was being waited upon.(I'm thinking possible eastern European if that was the case)

Any help would be incredibly appreciated

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