I'm looking for a kids' sci-fi TV show.

What I remember is a team would go from place to place via doors with key pads. There was also a round floor disc that would transport people down a long corridor.

The people at each door/world they would visit didn't seem to know anything outside of their own place. It was not Starlost.

  • Scifi or scifi/educational? – Valorum Jun 28 '16 at 14:21
  • When did you see it? How old was it? Where was it made? Any extra detail you can remember might help someone to identify it! See also our guidance on asking good story-ID questions. – Rand al'Thor Jun 28 '16 at 14:22
  • 1
    You say it's not Starlost, but you're basically describing Starlost, except with kids. – Valorum Jun 28 '16 at 14:24
  • @Valorum The OP doesn't even say it's with kids, just that it's a kids' show. – Mr Lister Jun 28 '16 at 15:06

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