In the 1987 Robocop movie, when Robocop goes to arrest "Dick Jones," Robocop was malfunctioning because of Directive 4. So my question is, who in OCP entered this directive into Robocop's systems without anybody knowing, and did "Bob Morton" know about Directive 4?

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Dick Jones was the author of Directive 4. From the script, after

Robocop attempts to arrest Dick Jones,

Dick Jones says,

What's the matter, officer? I'll tell you what's the matter. It's a little insurance policy called Directive 41... My little contribution to your psychological profile. Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP2 results in shutdown...

I do not recall any evidence of Bob Morton knowing that Directive 4 even existed. Quite the contrary: when Morton asks Robocop to list is Prime Directives, Robocop lists the first three only.

Directives 1 to 3]

On his internal screen he sees:

Directive 4: [Classified].

Directive 4]

Here's the scene:

1 The script wrongly calls it "Directive 3".

2 The script wrongly calls it "CMI".

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