Trying to find a fan fiction of Deathly Hallows where the following happen. It's quite detailed and as long as the book itself.

  • Towards the end harry makes a horcrux out of the golden snitch
  • Ginny also goes along on the quest to find and destroy all horcruxes
  • They go back to the lake to destroy the locket.
  • Dudley is revealed to be a wizard whose powers were suppressed in return for Petunia agreeing to keep Harry. After Dumbledore dies he gets his powers back slowly.
  • Snape is a bad guy and is in Azkaban at the end.
  • The book ends with Ron and Hermione's wedding day
  • Harry visits Godric hollow in the beginning alone and is accosted by Pettigrew who is keeping a lookout.
  • Ginny is hurt while destroying one of the horcruxes and Harry retrieves the Half Blood Prince book to help revive her.

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Could this be "The Seventh Horcrux" by Melindaleo?

The part about Harry making the snitch into a Horcrux is relatively unusual, Snape is indeed in Azkaban and the epilogue ends with Hermione and Ron getting married.


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