There are versions of Spider-Man in the Spider-Man Trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man, and in Captain America: Civil War.

Which movie Spider-Man does the creator of Spider-Man (Stan Lee) consider to be the version most close to his original vision?


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In this article, Stan Lee says that his favourite comic book movie, not even just his favourite Spider-Man movie, is the original Spider-Man, in which Spidey is played by Tobey Maguire.

"I think my favorite comic book movie was the first one that was such a hit, the first Spider-Man," Lee said in reply to a fan on Facebook, going on to add that "everything else seemed easy" for the comic book movies that followed once that film was made.

Having said that, Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man are both movies made by Sony and have no bearing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ONLY Spider-Man, and therefore the most "correct" Spider-Man, is the one in Civil War, as far as the MCU is concerned.


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