In Alien vs. Predator (2004), in one scene the Predator is about to kill


but it uses its x-ray vision to look inside him and, seeing something, decides not to kill him.

Can anybody tell me why the Predator didn't kill him and what it found with the x-ray?

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The Predator (Scar as he is called in Alien vs Predator) saw cancer in Charles Weyland's lungs.

Scar considered Weyland unworthy prey. He only killed Weyland after being provoked by him.

He implored the others to leave him behind and prepared to face the pursuing Scar alone, hoping to buy the others time to escape. However, the Predator refrained from killing him when it detected that he was dying of cancer, evidently considering him unworthy prey. Enraged by this turn of events, Weyland attacked Scar using a flamethrower improvised from his medicinal inhaler and a flare, causing the Predator to turn and impale Weyland on its Wristblades, killing him before carelessly throwing his body aside.

Scar was a Yautja. The Yautja have a very strict honor code.

Hunting Worthy Game: When hunting, the hunter must be sure that his prey is considered game, and lawful to kill. Sometimes the hunter will equal the odds (not using a Plasmacaster or some other weapon). Worthy game must fill the following criteria: Can defend itself and/or is able to kill the hunter himself, of age (killing children and the elderly is considered the height of bad manners), not linked to other lives (so that removing the prey will not doom another, e.g. pregnant women), and not weakened by diseases.

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    The last part of that code (re. pregnant women) we saw in Predator 2 "The Predator prepares to kill Cantrell but releases her after a quick visual scan of her body reveals that she is pregnant." Commented Jul 3, 2016 at 16:24
  • Interesting how the predators have a code of honor. It's kind of interesting that some of the deadliest killers have a code of honor. it's like the samurai of Japan... You wouldn't want to mess with them, but they have a very strict honor code.
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Weyland had lung cancer, specifically bronchogenic carcinoma (warning, link has graphic images)

The screenplay is pretty blunt. He doesn't forebear from killing Weyland because it would be dishonourable (in the same way that killing a pregnant woman would be shameful), it's because killing him wouldn't be worthy of his time.

[Below: Human and Predator face off. Weyland draws himself up to his full height. He's going out with a fight. Weyland swings at Scar. Scar catches the ice axe and crumples it in his fist.]

[PREDATOR VISION: Scar sees Weyland in his distinctive heat signature vision. Like an MRI, the Predator vision scans over Weyland's wrecked body, a body riddled with disease. Like stars in the sky, the tumors are everywhere. The cancer has destroyed Weyland.]

[Scar turns away from Weyland and walks up the stairs. To Scar, he's nothing but a sick animal. Weyland is not worthy of the hunt.]

AVP Final Production Screenplay

The novelisation goes into a little more detail.

Four years earlier, Weyland had told Max Stafford that, given forty more years on earth, the scientific research his company funded would enable Weyland Industries to open a branch in a moon base on the Sea of Tranquility. But that was before he’d been diagnosed with advanced bronchogenic carcinoma. Now, because of the cancer that was eating away his lungs, Charles Weyland no longer had forty more years. If he was lucky, he might have forty more days.

Alien vs. Predator - Official Novelisation

When it "scanned" him, the Predator evidently detected his illness and refused to attack him.

The creature turned and stared down at Weyland. As blank eyes on the Predator’s faceplate glowed with crimson fire, the human felt a strange warmth inside his chest. Reaching out, the Predator clutched Weyland’s shoulders, held him fast and examined him from head to toe.
Then, snorting contemptuously, the creature pushed Weyland aside and turned his back on him.
Weyland understood what that meant. Somehow the Predator could sense his frailty and did not regard him as a threat — in fact, Weyland was sure that, to this monster, he was nothing more than a sick, helpless animal!

Alien vs. Predator - Official Novelisation

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