I'm almost through reading Blackest Night and will read Brightest Day right after.

I'm not really interested in reading the next event Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and want to skip right to FlashPoint. What information is learned in Return of Bruce Wayne that may be vital to the story line of Flashpoint, if anything?

I'm assuming that Batman returns from the dead or something as he's dead in Blackest Night. So, that's obvious (or is it too obvious??). But is there anything else?


Nothing from Return of Bruce Wayne should impact too heavily on FlashPoint. FlashPoint stands as the precursor to The New 52.

A basic knowledge of the DC Universe as a whole prior to The New 52 would help in both the core series and tie-in stories, just so you can understand the differences that happened.

Also, basic knowledge of The Flash and The Reverse Flash would be good enough for the core series of FlashPoint. (Note: Avoid the FlashPoint sections in the above links for obvious spoiler reasons)

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