In the mid-late 90s I caught a show on the now long gone British TV channel "Super Channel". It was a show that took place in our solar system (I specifically remember a base in orbit around Jupiter) that seemed to be about two factions fighting for control.

The quality of the animation was "Transformers +". I also remember the lasers on the ships' wings being orange and attached to discs, making them movable. That color made me think at the time that they were part of a toy line, but I never saw any in the shops.


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I think that the show you are describing may be "Starcom: The US Space Force".




Most of the active weapons for the vehicles were a bright orange color in animation and on the toys - the laser weaponry on the Human space-fighter craft did appear to be mounted to the airframe in a disc-shapped manner.

The series explored most of our solar system, and one episode Fire and Ice (http://www.tv.com/shows/starcom/fire-and-ice-153673/) did feature a battle near Jupiter, near a base on the moon of Io.

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    @Peter Eliasson, glad I could be of help. I remember it here in the states, it only had a limited run in my area. Please mark this one as answered!
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