A protocol droid on Cloud City (E-3PO) says this to C-3PO. If C-3PO's reaction is any indication it was either an insult or an obscenity.

Does anyone know a translated version of this word/phrase?


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We don't know, but it's very (very) rude.

“E chu ta!” replies the droid.
C-3PO stops, stunned. “How rude!”
(“E chu ta,” is, of course, Huttese. It is absolutely not appropriate to translate. Maybe when you’re older.)

The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to be a Jedi?

According to wookieepedia, this theme (of the phrase being simply too obscene to translate) is apparently continued in Ben Burtt's 'Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide' (the in-universe translator Ebenn Q3 Baoban refused to translate it) as well as in the new 'Star Wars: Legacy' comics where it's simply described as an insult and the old Databank article on E-3PO where his words were referred to as

a scathing invective.

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