We know how Chewbacca managed to find C-3PO's parts after he was blown into pieces.

But how did he get them back after being captured by Vader and why would the Stormtroopers allow Chewbacca to have a toolkit and a droid in his cell?


According to Thank the Maker from Star Wars Tales Issue #6, Darth Vader had it delivered to Chewbacca's cell.

Thank the Maker

Thank the Maker

While not made explicit, it's implied that Vader wanted C-3PO to be fixed.

The comic's canon status is ambiguous, but according to Wookieepedia, it has "elements of continuity."

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    Alas, poor 3PO... I knew him well, Lando
    – Machavity
    Jul 19 '16 at 23:24

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