How does Vanessa not recognize Lily as being clearly the same person as Brona Croft? Yes, she only met her once but she took a very keen interest in her as she was intrigued to see the woman that had captured Ethan's heart.

Her failure to recognize Lily (in the way Dorian Gray did instantly) seems like a continuity error. Is there an explanation?


Let us take it this way : Someone (A) you met briefly and liked died. Sometime later you are introduced to a person (B) who closely resembles A, though has different mannerisms, a different accent, a different name, and different circumstances. You are open minded but not immediately aware of a way that it would be possible for A or any one to have been ressurected in such a manner as to become as B or any one else.
Do you assume that B must be A, simply because of their striking resemblance? I personally would not assume this under those circumstances. It is believable that Vanessa does not assume this of Lily either -- importantly because she is not aware of the precise nature of Victor's work. If she were aware of the true manner of his labours, she would be a fool not to see the strong possibly that Lily is physically Brona.

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    Plus they don't ugly-down the beautiful actors to the degree that an accurate depiction of a low-priced drug-addled prostitute with TB living in squalor would. The contrast between her circumstances before and after would have a pretty big effect on her appearance, as well. Another clue is how she only remembered the Creature as the orderly in the mental hospital after extensive hypnosis. – PoloHoleSet Aug 25 '16 at 15:00

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