At the end of 'Skulduggery' there is a short character introduction for "Skeleton" that came from "Batman: Gotham City Secret Files and Origins". It is just a small couple of pages to introduce the villain, but I found it really integrating and would like to read on.

Does anyone know what books continue from this character introduction so I can read the rest of this story for Skeleton that started with "Skulduggery"?

I know the original writer left Batman but did another writer pick up this story or did it just fade into nothingness?


There is only one appearance of the Skeleton, that story from Secret Files and Origins, which was collected in the False Faces trade.

BKV had this to say in a Reddit AMA:

The Skeleton! Yeah, he was a new Batman character Marcos and I created, a mysterious villain who impersonated other villains to cover his tracks in his weirdly personal campaign against Bruce Wayne.

We had plans for a year-long story, and I still remember who we were going to ultimately reveal the Skeleton to be, but that mystery is probably more interesting remaining one.

I love the Big Two, but I got to write just about every character I ever wanted to for each, so I’m very happy just creating new stuff for the rest of my career.

More on Left Unresolved.

After Skullduggery he wrote the False Faces story, which was essentially an audition for the Batman writers role. Ultimately he didn't get the regular gig on Batman, which may have seen the Skeleton return. I believe that it went to Ed Brubaker, IIRC, and that was it for the Skeleton.

  • If that's what the story was supposed to be I suggest reading Under the Hood and HUSH, both of which seem to use a very similar story. – Durakken Jul 23 '16 at 23:15

You've read everything he's been in apparently.

Here is the list:

  1. Batman: False Faces
  2. Batman: Gotham City Secret Files

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