The story is about a boy who finds a pair of sunglasses at the top of a mountain or hill. At one point a wish is made to have a Lamborghini Countach. When the sunglasses become damaged, they sap electricity from the nearest source and are repaired.

Other details include: -A large, growing, storm appears at some point in the book. -The book ends shortly after a wish is made that makes it as if the events never happend, and the boy ends up back at the top of the mountain/hill, but he doesnt grab the sunglasses.


The Eyes of Kid Midas, by Neal Shusterman.

  • that seems to be it. had to find an original publication date, and it all seems to match what i remember. thanks – shadow clowes Mar 22 '12 at 3:51


This will let you read it for free. I couldn't remember the name of this story for the life of me, and google was no help, so I am very glad I found this and want to give back!

I definitely will buy the book as well, but it's nice to know that this is, in fact, the story that we loved long ago!

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