Can someone provide a time table or timeline image of the Original Trilogy? I would appreciate if the Prequels timeline will be posted as well.

This question discussed about, as I understand, the time span or how long each movie happened, e.g. The Phantom Menace happened for less than one year, Attack of the Clones happened for about 13 days, so on and so forth..

What I would like to know is how long (whether canon, in-universe, out-universe, or other stuff) did the prequel trilogy and original trilogy take place, e.g. the Prequels (from The Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith) is XX years, then after XX years, Rogue One took place, then after XX years, the original trilogy took place.

All I know is that The Force Awakens happened 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

PS: It doesn't have to be in years. Months, or even days, are also measured in timelines.


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Leland Chee, of the Lucasfilm Story Group in charge of Star Wars continuity, tweeted a timeline using Episode I as year 0:

enter image description here

(image from Wookieepedia, original tweet here)

A separate tweet specifies the films/cartoons from that tweet:

enter image description here

(link to tweet here)

Therefore the prequel trilogy spans 13 years and the original trilogy spans 4 years, with a 19 year gap between the two trilogies.

The exact date for Rogue One isn't known yet but it takes place shortly before Episode IV (since the Rebels attempt to acquire the Death Star's plans in it).

Wookieepedia has a nice timeline of canon media which collects all this information into a single timeline.

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