This question came to me because I read a post that said Deadpool was brought back to life after being decapitated when his head was kept with his body and had time to heal back together.

Does that mean that Deadpool is vulnerable to being killed if he is burned (either after being decapitated or just in general)?

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  • Title asks "has he", body asks "can he" - two related, but very different questions. – phantom42 Jul 28 '16 at 11:06

I give you Deadpool (2nd Series) #48.

enter image description here

Deadpool gets buried alive and is left with a lighter. Upon using the lighter he sets himself and the entire coffin on fire, after which he of course regenerates and wanders off to go and be Deadpool.


Assuming it is still canon (have not heard anything to the contrary?), Thanos actually cursed Deadpool with enternal life, he is never able to die. So not even burning would be sufficient.

enter image description here

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