In Deep Space Nine Season 6, Episode 16 "Change of Heart" roughly 3 minutes into the episode, Jadzia and Worf are getting ready for bed and talking business/work. Worf lights candles and opens a small box-like shrine, not unlike Hindu or Catholic (Mary) boxes. Jadzia turns her mirror and she see Worf praying or meditating to the figure in the altar and stops mid sentence.

Honestly, at first I thought Worf had a mirror and Jadzia saw someone in the room and only after going back did I see Worf had opened the doors on the box.

What is the shrine and what is it's importance to Worf and other Klingons?

To clarify: I know it's a shrine, and I suspected who was in it. Answering with "It's a Shrine to [blank]" is not an answer. I am looking for focused details about Worf's and the Klingon's beliefs that relate to this shrine.

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The script describes it as a small shrine devoted to Kahless, a mytho-historical figure who (supposedly) founded the Klingon Empire and codified the rules of honour.

Worf would frequently quote his teachings and at one point, he traveled to the Temple of Boreth (in TNG: Rightful Heir) to refresh his belief in Klingon values.


Later that same evening, Worf and Dax are getting ready for bed.

Worf is coming out of the bathroom, dressed in his night clothes and his hair loose and out of the ponytail. Dax is also dressed for bed and is brushing out her hair in front of a vanity. Worf moves to a small Kahless shrine and begins to light one or two candles.

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    This does tell me "what" it was. 1) a shrine (I had that) and 2) that the figure is Kahless (I suspected but had no source). However, you don't really tell me in any way what this shrine is to Worf and to Klingons. What's its importance? The main point of that episode is how Worf's heart couldn't abandon Jadzia just like Kahless and his wife's heart were too strong for the gods and so they killed the gods. And yet here is Worf praying to Kahless as if Kahless is a god? Your answer is really the bare minimum as it is. Was hoping for "what is this" qualitatively, not just "a Shrine to Kahless".
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    @Valorum I'm not asking anything new. "What is this and what is it's importance to Worf and other Klingons?" I already know it's a shrine and I didn't simply ask who was in it. I asked what it meant to Worf. That's been the question the whole time.
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