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The technology of Yorktown Station is much farther advanced than that of DS-9, which in turn was further advanced than that of the space station in The Trouble with Tribbles. The difference -- Yorktown Station is in the alternate time-line.

What in-universe explanation accounts for the vastly advanced technology of the alternate universe? The out-of-universe explanation -- that no one is going to see a new movie without a lot of new gee-whiz technology -- is pretty obvious. But the rationale?

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  • ds9 isnt federation built – Himarm Jul 31 '16 at 1:33
  • earth space dock on the other hand is 100X the size od DS9 – Himarm Jul 31 '16 at 1:33

In the alternate timeline, Starfleet technology is notably more advanced than in the original timeline because of the appearance of Nero's vessel. It's shown in both of the previous Star Trek movies that the ship, and it's destruction of the federation startship Kirk's father was serving on, has driven Starfleet to accelerate it's technology research. They considered Nero's ship a warship (even though it wasn't) and the fact that it was so far superior to their own vessels has them frightened. It also led to a somewhat more agressive and military-focused Starfleet than the original timeline.

Presumably, Starfleet had to sacrifice some other aspects of their infrastructure in order to push tech research (e.g. have they explored less, are there fewer diplomatic missions, etc.), but I don't think we've been told what those things might be

  • I don't think SF would need to shut down any exploratory missions or diplomatic ones in order to accelerate its technological development. Maybe, the Federation in this timeline has a few less restrictions in place, but overall, the Federation in the prime timeline is just as capable (if not even more so - its just that we never see them utilizing their potential completely - which is a common problem of writers who think it would become too dull - to me, that's just laziness). The Federation in the 24th century might have the Yorktown starbase in operation, it was just never mentioned – Deks Oct 11 '16 at 0:23

Well, even though I haven't actually seen ST:B, I'll still give it a shot.

K7 (from Trouble with Tribbles) was a deep space assignment, and despite having 3 arms, could only dock two ships at a time. There isn't really a reason to make it all that spiffy as was just a resupply depo for ships going through the system- it would be like a truckstop on route 66.

And while DS-9 was, from the perspective of Star Fleet, a deep space assignment, it was a garrison post for Cardassians keeping watch on Bajor, total capacity for 7000 people. Cardassians aren't known for their creature comforts- the Enterprise D had about 1,000 people and had two holodecks, but DS9 only had their holosuites due to Quark knowing what people want. K7 was the truckstop, DS9 was a barracks.

So, then we get to Starbase Yorktown, which had, among other things, a shipyard and 3,000,000 people. It was not built as a layover or military checkpoint, but as a fully functioning flagcity for the Federation. You can bet that it would be built with the idea to sparkle and awe any who saw it to show how ideal Federation life was.

At this point, we don't even need to bring up that it is in a different timeline- it was built different with different technology as it served a fundamentally different purpose compared to K7 and DS9.

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