In 2012, Jackson Curtis is the author of Farewell Atlantis, a book which Adrian Hemsley has read up to around day 300 when the shuttle (Atlantis) lost communication with earth.

What is the plot of the book?

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This book doesn't exist.

Nick Sagan wrote the foreword for this wholly fictional novel (fictional in the sense that the novel doesn't exist and that only the foreword and the first chapter were ever actually written as part of a viral marketing campaign for the film 2012).

He described it thusly;

Curtis’s epic novel blends equal parts classic thriller and provocative spiritual speculation. Full of larger-than-life characters whose growth over the course of the novel interweave seamless with the plot and a sharp, witty edge of humor, Farewell Atlantis is an action-packed novel that intrigues philosophers and scientists alike. This highly acclaimed first novel is splendid entertainment and refreshingly forthright.

Farewell Atlantis is a large sprawling tale of conspiracy, politics and ideology. With his thorough research and lucid writing style, Curtis explores the apocalyptic realm through the complementary lens of science and art, and presents a bold exploration of the human spirit. The novel aims to educate readers on reclaiming their birthright as owners of the planet rather than victims or subjects to the political, education and economic machinery while awakening them to a higher global evolution of consciousness.

As the story unfolds, Curtis delves into the lost knowledge of the ‘ancient ones,’ sacred sites, shamans and interdimensional worlds. He blends the events of many years throughout history with the events of today and the conspiracy theories into a story of tomorrow. An intricate plot, skilled narrative technique and well developed characters make this a novel most readers will find absorbing and comprehensible.

You can read Chapter One online here on the 2012 film viral page on facebook

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