I've identified the Messiah complex as the latest X-Men Comic book arc that I'm familiar with, and I'd like to know the major points that have changed X-men/marvel history since then (with the aim of buying the TPBs to fill the gaps in my knowledge). Wikipedia have a listing of all of the preceding story lines since Messia Complex:

  • "Divided We Stand"

  • "Manifest Destiny"

  • "X-Infernus"

  • "Messiah War"

  • "Utopia"

  • "Nation X"

  • "Necrosha"

  • "Second Coming"

  • "Curse of the Mutants"

  • "Age of X"

  • "Schism"

  • "Regenesis"

But I can't tell from these entries which of these has featured the largest change in the world of Marvel.

Now I know this might come down to being subjective, but my main interest in this question is the relevance of the story arc, which one story since the Messia Complex, has had the most impact on the X-men/Marvel still felt "today"?

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Of all these storylines, I believe (as the owner of a comic book store) that the two most important follow-ups are "Second Coming" and "Schism".

"Second Coming" shows how Cable returns from the future to return Hope (the mutant Messiah) to her proper timeline. The X-Men fight to protect her, and Nightcrawler sacrifies himself in a battle with Bastion. This story arc was published as 13 chapters across the various X-titles, and each chapter was instrumental (not just spin-off stories/adventures).

"Schism" shows how the team splits into two factions: Cyclops' team stays on Utopia, while Wolverine's team restarts the school in Westchester. The impact of the story is that there are now two distinct X-Men teams in "Uncanny X-Men" and "Wolverine & the X-Men", respectively.

Of course, "Avengers vs. X-Men" is the current storyline that should prove to be extremely significant to the makeup of the entire Marvel superhero universe.

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