We know Seven of Nine eats after she was severed from the collective. We know the Borg drones recharge/sleep in individual docking stations. Do the Borg drones eat? If so, what do they eat, and how is it ingested?

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In the TNG episode "I, Borg", Hugh was fed by absorbing energy through a port in his arm. La Forge had to install a matching coupling in the wall of Hugh's cell. The Borg implants convert energy into glucose and whatever nutrients the Borg's organic side needs to keep functioning.

Crusher : The Borg don't ingest food. Their implants can synthesise any organic molecules the biological tissues require. What they need is energy.

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    Seven needed to eat because many of her implants were removed after she was separated from the Collective.
    – Xantec
    Mar 24, 2012 at 20:19

Voyager S6 E2 -- "Survival Instinct" -- has a scene of Seven and other drones gathered around a fire, eating meat that starts to trigger memories in each of their lives before the Borg.

Like Proust's Remembrance. The primal act of eating floods in an existential consciousness and a will to narration, of epic proportions.

I would submit that eating is not only not Borg, but perhaps even antithetical to what is Borg. Regeneration in alcoves or otherwise presumably has some biological component -- perhaps nutrition is IV'd in in some way?

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    Hi there. There is part of an answer in here, though mostly commentary; I suggest you edit your post to clarify whether Borg's are actually never seen eating, or take a stand against it, stuff like this. This would make for a better answer.
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