I need to know the title of a novel I read a few years ago (90s).

It's about an orphan boy that has a little white in his hair, meaning that he has magic powers, and as the book progresses his hair starts to change from a little to at least half white and half black, and I think still continues, but I did not finish that book series.


I believe you are talking about Changeling, a 1980 Roger Zelazny novel. There is a sequel, Madwand.

In the world of magic, the young Mark Marakson is obsessed with devices, building water wheels and later, steam engines. He does not understand why the people on the farms and villages rely on magicians rather than using the machinery he creates. Young Pol, meanwhile, grows up a poet, musician and singer, marked by the white streak in his dark hair. He is a great disappointment to the man he regards as his father, who is an engineer. From time to time he sees glowing strands in the air which he can touch to make things happen.

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This sounds like the character Cabe Bedlam in Firedrake by Richard A Knaak. It's the first book in the Dragonrealm series.

Cabe is sorcerer and has a silver streak in his hair, the more powerful a sorcerer is the more silver hair they have on their head. As Cabe uses more magic and gets more powerful his hair gets more and more silver until half his head is silver.

The books in the Dragonrealm series are:

  1. Firedrake (1990)
  2. Ice Dragon (1989)
  3. Wolfhelm (1990)
  4. Shadow Steed (1990)
  5. The Crystal Dragon (1993)
  6. The Dragon Crown (1994)
  7. The Horse King (1997)
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