The Tamarians are very interesting and I'm hoping to see more of them. Are they in any other Star Trek episode, movie, or perhaps novelization?

After looking at the memory-alpha wikia, I am only seeing examples from the Darmok episode, however, I'm not sure if memory-alpha covers novelizations.

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    As indicated at the bottom of the Memory Alpha article on Tamarians, licensed works (such as novels) are covered on Memory Beta, and there is an article on Tamarians there: memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Tamarian Per that article, Tamarians are mentioned in a few stories, and one appears in a Voyager novel.
    – recognizer
    Aug 9, 2016 at 16:41
  • I wish that there were multiple canon showings of every Star Trek species (yes, including the Edo). Perhaps the exception would be the space hippies from that forgettable TOS episode. Aug 9, 2016 at 19:19
  • @T-1000'sSon - They should have set the next series on Risa.
    – Valorum
    Aug 10, 2016 at 8:53

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Main Canon

The only episode where the Children of Tama appear is in TNG: Darmok

EU Canon

The Tamarians make a number of appearances in other media;

  • That STO entry is not accurate. Its actually settings to use the game's generic "Alien" race to get something that LOOKS like a Tamarian, but it isn't acknowledged as one in any way by the game itself. You have to do the same thing with Vorta, Cardassians, Ocampa, and many other races. The game actually only has about a dozen races.
    – T.J.L.
    Aug 11, 2016 at 3:26

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