Outside of Jim, who else from the Darkmagic family has been mentioned in the adventures of Acquisitions, Inc.? Be in it passing conversation, or direct contact/interaction.

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Before the start of the YouTube series proper, the PA guys several Acquisitions, Inc. did live sessions at PAX. In 2011, the session was "The Last Will and Testament of Jim Darkmagic", which sees the party visit Jim's family for the reading of his father's will.

We meet several members of the Darkmagic family, including:

  • Olivia and Percival, Jim's sister and brother (raised as cousins)
  • Wretched and Hideous, Jim's cousins
  • Martha, Jim's mother
  • Wanda, Jim's aunt (who raised Olivia and Percival)
  • Gorgon, Jim's aunt (Wretched and Hideous's mother)
  • Delores, Jim's grandmother

We also hear about Jim's father James II. Presumably his grandfather (Delores's husband) was also James.

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