In a scene in Logan's Run, Logan advises a fellow Sandman, after a near-scrape with runners, to

get a new face- they know you now

but the Sandmen wear distinct uniforms (no plainclothes division). Whether or not he got a new face, a runner could spot them from a mile away. What good does altering one's face do?

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The children living in the Cathedral aren't runners, they're cubs, basically feral children who live outside of the central plaza. The full quote (from the script) is

SANDMAN (embarrassed): I lost a Runner in Cathedral.

LOGAN: How come?

SANDMAN: Ran into some Cubs I couldn't manage. (as they stare) One of them cut me bad...

FRANCIS: (with anger) CUBS!

SANDMAN (shrug): On my way to the New You for repairs.

LOGAN: Get yourself a new face while you're at it They know you now.

The cubs seem generally wary of sandmen, but I think we can assume that they would be more likely to attack someone they recognised as having attacked them before, or whom they had attacked before without getting themselves shot.

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