I had read a part of a space fiction novel/story a long time back. I don't remember names of the characters or spaceships but the plot is something like this:

  • A group of space soldiers find a huge round spaceship abandoned in space with no signs of life.
  • They map the spaceship remotely and find that it is organised as layers with each layer being a floor.
  • They send in a team using beam transport to explore. The team finds upper "layers" look like a cruise ship - decorated and comfortable
  • As they continue going down, they find the layers become more spartan - possibly crew quarters and like
  • They scan the core from upper layers and find that it is made up of some sort of loose matter.
  • Once they get near the core, the scans find that the loose matter is actually lots of humanoid dead bodies, possibly the ship's passengers.

All the action is from point of view of a team-member (male) who is either a biologist or extraterrestrial specialist - not a soldier as far as I remember.

I'd appreciate if anyone can point me to the story/novel

  • "a huge round spaceship" - how huge? Marrow (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marrow_(novel)) fits some of these points but probably not enough to propose as an answer - unless the ship is the size of a Jovian planet... – tardigrade Jan 10 '18 at 16:52

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