We know that Spider-Man at the very least can lift 10+ tonnes, and that he always tries to hold back his punches so that he doesn't kill his enemies.

But is there a case when Spider-Man punches (or attacks) his enemy with all his might without holding back at all?


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I can think of a few instances that stand out:

Amazing Spider-Man 270 where he beat up Firelord! http://comicvine.gamespot.com/images/1300-1028039

Spider-Man vs Wolverine where he mentions punching Wolverine hard enough to wreck cars. (sorry for low res) https://m0vie.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/spidermanvswolverine.jpg

Secret Wars 8 where he beats up Titania (who outclasses him in strength many times over) so bad that she builds a mental block about fighting him in the future. http://herochat.com/index.php?topic=284.0

Many more exist but these are some of my favorites. (edit: added images)

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