In the movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, some of the defense/ambush pods in the Capital were removed, due to the excessive violence and time consumption. Can anyone specify what type of pods were removed from the movie?

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    At first I thought, "you spelled 'parts' wrong", but them I'm like "oh, the pods that the Capital used!" (If you read it as "parts" instead of "pods", it becomes a whole new question!)
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The pods are as follows:

  • Metal darts

    On the fourth morning, Soldier Leeg 2 hits a mislabeled pod. It doesn’t unleash a swarm of muttation gnats, which the rebels are prepared for, but shoots out a sunburst of metal darts. One finds her brain. She’s gone before the medics can reach her. Plutarch promises a speedy replacement.


    This was omitted from the movie, presumably for reasons of gruesomeness.

  • Gunfire

    So today, a special block has been set aside for filming. It even has a couple of active pods on it. One unleashes a spray of gunfire. The other nets the invader and traps them for either interrogation or execution, depending on the captors’ preference.


    This was included in the movie.

  • Nets

    I think this was included in the movie. The net pod from the last quote seems to be the same one that got Mitchell shortly thereafter:

    There’s a loud snap of a trap as the pod triggers. Four cables, attached to tracks on the buildings, break through the stones, dragging up the net that encases Mitchell. It makes no sense—how instantly bloodied he is—until we see the barbs sticking from the wire that encases him.


  • Bomb/black goo

    But you can see him suppressing a smile as he’s double-checking the next pod. Positioning the Holo to find the best light in the smoky air. Still facing us as his left foot steps back onto the orange paving stone. Triggering the bomb that blows off his legs.


    This was included in the movie, though in the book it is indicated that the black goo was probably a manual trap:

    “Count on it,” says Castor. “All the streets are covered by surveillance cameras. I bet they set off the black wave manually when they saw us taping the propo.”


  • Tracker jackers

    The wave must have been enormous, with tremendous power behind it, as it’s affected several blocks that lie ahead. And though I tread with care, I think my instinct was right about its triggering other pods. One block is sprinkled with the golden bodies of tracker jackers. They must have been set free only to succumb to the fumes.


    I don’t recall seeing these in the movie.

  • Flesh-eating rats

    Empty now, of everything but us. I swing up my bow and blow up the first pod with an explosive arrow, which kills the nest of flesh-eating rats inside.


    I don’t think this was included, probably for time reasons.

  • Meatgrinder

    When everyone’s joined me, I fire into the intersection, and the Meat Grinder activates. Huge mechanical teeth burst through the street and chew the tile to dust.


    Included in the movie.

  • Golden light

    Two of Gale’s arrows already lie useless beside the wide shaft of golden light that radiates from ceiling to floor. Inside, Messalla is as still as a statue, poised up on the ball of one foot, head tilted back, held captive by the beam. I can’t tell if he’s yelling, although his mouth is stretched wide. We watch, utterly helpless, as the flesh melts off his body like candle wax.


    Included in the movie.

  • Purple light

    As we reach the next corner, the entire block ahead of us lights up with a rich purple glow. We backpedal, hunker down in a stairwell, and squint into the light. Something’s happening to those illuminated by it. They’re assaulted by…what? A sound? A wave? A laser? Weapons fall from their hands, fingers clutch their faces, as blood sprays from all visible orifices—eyes, noses, mouths, ears. In less than a minute, everyone’s dead and the glow vanishes.


    Omitted from the movie, probably for reasons of gruesomeness.

  • Steam

    A pod’s activated ahead of us, releasing a gush of steam that parboils everyone in its path, leaving the victims intestine-pink and very dead.


    Omitted from the movie, probably for reasons of time/gruesomeness.

  • Trapdoor

    We stop, look around for the pod. There’s nothing. Then I feel the tips of my boots beginning to tilt ever so slightly. “Run!” I cry to Gale. There’s no time to explain, but in a few seconds the nature of the pod becomes clear to everyone. A seam has opened up down the center of the block.


    Omitted, probably for reasons of time.

So the pods that were omitted were: the metal dart pod, the tracker jacker pod, the flesh-eating rat pod, the steam pod, the purple light pod, and the trapdoor pod.

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