Can anyone identify the following story. It has the feel of a non-canonical fan produced magazine based on the TV21 Daleks?

I'm wondering if it is was one-off, part of a fan magazine or something else.

Bright Daleks comic page with the Daleks being stranded on a planet


This image (and another) were released to Brit-comic superfan Lew Stringer's blog. They were apparently part of a pitched sequel to the Dalek stories that ran in Doctor Who Magazine No's 249 - 255.

Unfortunately these two panels are apparently all that exist of these stories by the original artist, however the story will continue Issue #3 of the VworpVworp fanzine (available online) with a different artist completing the work

Thanks to John's generosity, he's sent me scans of the two unpublished pages of the new series that never was. Sadly, Ron Turner passed away in 1998 so these were the only two pages completed, but artist Lee Sullivan has stepped in to complete the six part story which will finally appear in Gareth Kavanagh's Doctor Who tribute magazine Vworp! Vworp! issue 3.

The Unseen Daleks!

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