I am looking for an older (probably 1990's or before) young adult sci-fi novel. The plot, as best I can remember, is that the female protagonist is some sort of human "universal translator" but she is bound to absolute confidentiality about what she translates, on pain of death. However, she finds out about some sort of horrible treasonous or genocidal plot by one alien race so she decides to break confidentiality even though it means she'll be executed.

It was fairly melodramatic so I'm sure it's a YA novel, other than that I have no idea....


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The Stolen Law by Anne Mason.

Kira is a teenage xenolinguist who discovers that one alien group is mistranslating laws to make them more restrictive/different in intent.

While investigating, she discovers that they're plotting to kill another group of aliens, but revealing confidential information is punishable by the death penalty.

enter image description here

I loved this book and its prequel The Dancing Meteorite when I was younger!

  • THIS IS IT! I even recognize the cover. Thank you so much NinjaPenguin. I kind of love you right now. I hope that's not super weird. But I've been looking for SO LONG. Sep 4, 2016 at 17:52

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