In a very small side-element of DS9 episode The Magnificent Ferengi episode, Major Kira says:

Kira: Consider it payback, Quark, for rescuing me from the Dominion.

Memory Alpha links the sentence to DS9:Sacrifice of Angels, however, I don't recall Quark saving Kira from the Dominion, neither in Sacrifice of Angels nor in any other episode.

Can someone refresh my memory?


In Sacrifice of Angels Kira and Leeta, Rom and Jake were being held by the Dominion.

Quark (and Tora Ziyal) came in bearing Hasperat Soufflé, hypo-sprayed the Cardassian jailer and killed the two Jem'Hadar guards before taking down the forcefield.

enter image description here

This seems to be the incident that she's referring to.

(Quark enters brandishing disrupters. The Jem'Hadar spread out.)

QUARK: All right, no one move!

ROM: Brother! I knew you would come.

QUARK: It's a surprise to me. Now, just keep calm and stay where you are. Understand? Don't move. You, open the holding cells. I said, open the holding cells.

ZIYAL: You just told them not to move.

QUARK: Right. Nobody moves except you. Now open the cells.

(The Jem'Hadar look at each other then tense up. Quark kills them both in total surprise.)

KIRA: Quark.


KIRA: Take down the forcefields.

QUARK: Forcefields?

(Ziyal takes a disrupter from Quark and blasts the control panel.)

KIRA: I'd kiss you, Quark, but there isn't time. We have to find a way to shut down the power to the main computer.

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