I'm trying to find the name of a short story with a Bolo that was converted to a farm tractor. Its world is invaded by aliens and not having weapons it has to adapt its farming tools to fight back.

Also, what Bolo book is that in?

  • I can't find a plot synopsis to confirm it, and I don't remember the pesticide detail myself, but I think you might be looking for "Final Mission", which was published in both Rogue Bolo and The Compleat Bolo. The most detailed description I found is in an Amazon review: "about an outdated, decommissioned Bolo who gets a second chance to live and fight like he was designed to." – The Photon Sep 3 '16 at 5:53

It could be 'The Farmers Wife' pubished in 'The Triumphant'. In this story the Bolo 'Digger' is left on a planet when the colonists leave due to the approach of hostile aliens. Digger is left behind and combats the 'Agricultural Pests' using bio-warfare techniques.

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