Odo doesn't have a conventional rank, but he is still able to give orders. Does he only have authority over his security men and non-crew members?

Obviously Sisko and Kira have seniority over him, but I assume that Bashir, Dax, and Worf also do.

Because he doesn't have an official rank, can anyone, even a lowly crewman, tell Odo what to do? How does that work?

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    Odo has no rank within Starfleet as he is not a member of that organisation. He is chief of security of the station as part of the Bajoran administrative staff, therefore reporting to Major Kira.
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Odo's rank and position are something of an anomaly.

He doesn't appear to have a formal rank within the militia other than Head of DS9 Station Security, and he certainly doesn't have a Starfleet rank. He does, however act as Head of the Security Department (on behalf of both the Federation and Bajorans) which means that he can order around both Starfleet and Bajoran Security Officers with the authority of the station's commander (Sisko) and with the authority of the ranking Bajoran (Major Kira) who also happens to be his line officer.

This seems to be backed up by Garak

TAIN: Well, that's unfortunate. I see no further use for Mister Odo. Terminate him.

GARAK: On the other hand, he is a member of the Bajoran militia and an officer on Deep Space Nine. We may not wish to provoke the Federation by killing him.

The Die is Cast

And his official profile on the StarTrek.com website

Position: Security chief, Bajoran Militia, DS9 detachment

Oh, and don't call him Constable, he doesn't much like it.

PRIMMIN: Yes, Constable.

ODO: And don't call me Constable. I'm Chief of Security.

Move Along Home

You may wish to note that this isn't the first time a low-ranked officer has been given direct control of a department.

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