In the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, there's this scene (image below) where Lex Luthor is talking to a hologram of a large figure before being arrested in the Genesis Chamber:

enter image description here

Can someone give details who is this? And those three cubes in front of him. Thank you.


Bustle. com explains:

Fortunately, now that we've seen this deleted scene, we won't have to wait for future films to explain it. This demon is a DC baddie named Steppenwolf, a general from the planet Apokolips in the service of the fearsome tyrant Darkseid. (Think Marvel's Thanos, only with a face made out of stone.) Those cubes he's holding are Mother Boxes, like the one glimpsed in Cyborg's brief cameo, which are basically living supercomputers that grant their bearer mystical powers. (Think Marvel's Infinity Stones, only square.)

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