I wanted to know- Colloportus seems to be a spell that locks a door/something.

Alohomora seems to be a spell that unlocks a door/something.

So can Alohomora break Colloportus?

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Absolutely, we see this at least as early as The Order of the Phoenix, where Hermione's Colloportus is undone by Alohomora.

'Colloportus!' gasped Hermione and the door sealed itself with an odd squelching noise.


They were almost there when Harry heard something large and heavy collide with the door Hermione had charmed shut.

'Stand aside!' said a rough voice. 'Alohomora!'

As the door flew open, Harry, Hermione and Neville dived under desks.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - p.695 - Bloomsbury - Chapter 35, Beyond the Veil

So this was firmly established in the original series as a key limitation of Colloportus /power of Alohomora and isn't an innovation of The Cursed Child. (Just for the benefit of those who might be wondering about The Cursed Child's tendency to reimagine earlier events and information).

  • Real story? Not a fan of Cursed Child then? Commented Sep 10, 2016 at 13:02
  • Makes one wonder why they bother locking doors! Hermione knew how to unlock even magically locked ones by age 11 or 12.
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    @ThruGog I seem to remember there was a stronger door locking charm/bewitchment/whatever but presumably the DA members didn't know it. I don't think we ever see it being used, either, but I'm sure I remember Alohomora failing, e.g. on Umbridge's door
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    @Au101 - Yes I think you're right actually. And you can have like an alarm spell and barriers and so on. But might as well not bother with old Colloportus
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Yes. As shown in Cursed Child,

DELPHI: Potter. Colloportus!


ALBUS opens both doors with his wand.

ALBUS: Alohomora! Alohomora!

There we see Delphi using Colloportus, and Albus breaking it with Alohomora.


Yes, you can check on Wikia.

Colloportus is a charm which makes a door lock. It can be redone by Alohomora.


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