In Nemesis, Shinzon dies when he attacks Picard with a knife, and Picard pulls loose a strut or some other object and impales Shinzon. Shinzon forces himself down the shaft of the "spear", and grasps at Picard's throat with his last breath. Picard-Shinzon showdown at 2:17 mark.

In the 1981 King Arthur film Excalibur, Mordred impales his father with a spear. Arthur, mortally wounded, claws his way down the spear, to drive Excalibur into Mordred's chest, slaying him. Arthur slays Mordred.

Though not identical, the two scenes have many similarities. I've long wondered if there was an intentional nod to the earlier film. Is there any official information to confirm this?


Yes, but not just to the 1981 movie. This is an example of the literary device Pulling Yourself Down The Spear. (TVTropes link!) It's somewhat common now, but originated in Le Morte d'Arthur and as Valorum said, was popularized by several famous paintings of Mordred and King Arthur.

enter image description here
1880 - Alfred Kappes

enter image description here
1917 - Arthur Rackham

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Origin of movie trope where impaled character pulls/pushes blade/spear further into body?

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