As the title says, what is the most destructive spell in the Harry Potter world?

In Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part II, the Confringo spell which is used by Voldemort seems to be the most destructive spell. Are there any stronger spell?

I mean causing great destruction. Great explosion and such. Not to human, but to an object.

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    I suspect the answer to this will simply be “we don’t know.” It might even be a little too opinion-based, due to the vagueness of the word “destructive.” For example, Confringo might have a higher rate of damage, Fiendfyre might be able to spread indefinitely, Sectumsempra might be harder to repair, and so forth. There are also book/movie distinctions to be considered. – Adamant Sep 12 '16 at 6:40
  • Well, I mean cause a great destruction. Great explosion and such. Not to human, but to object. – Vahn Sep 12 '16 at 6:46
  • Reducto or bombarda (?) – RedCaio Sep 12 '16 at 7:20
  • I'd say Bombarda Maxima is pretty "explosive". When Umbridge uses it in OotP, it causes a pretty sizeable explosion. I think that's movie-exclusive though, she doesn't do that in the book. – DisturbedNeo Sep 12 '16 at 10:40
  • is it better if I change my question to "What is the most Explosive spell in Harry Potter world?" ? – Vahn Sep 13 '16 at 3:38

In the books, the most 'explosive' spell that we know of is either the Reducto spell, or Expulso.

In GOF, Harry uses the Reductor Curse to burn a hole through the hedge in the Third task. And in OOTP, Dumbledore's Army uses it to blast the bookcase of Time-Turners. (In the movie, it's only Ginny.)


In DH, a Death Eater, Antonin Dolohov, uses the Expulso Curse to blow up a table, causing Harry to drop his wand and the Invisibility Cloak to slip off as the force throws him into the wall.

the table behind which Harry was standing blew up: the force of the explosion slammed him into the wall and he felt his wand leave his hand as the cloak slipped off him.

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  • I prefer answer from the movies. (Ginny is awesome :D) – Vahn Sep 13 '16 at 3:41

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