I watched a movie around 2005, the name of which I don't remember, and haven't been able to find the movie since. I was quite young when I watched it, so I have very few details about it. The details I remember are:

  • The main character turns into a werewolf, and struggles to contain it
  • A portal to either a hidden place or another world exists in a large painting that's missing a corner or a piece, and the main characters find and fix the painting
  • The girlfriend of the main character dies at the end of the movie (I believe the main character couldn't refrain from becoming a werewolf while fighting the villain and accidentally mortally wounded her)
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That would be Van Helsing.

enter image description here

It stars Hugh Jackman as a monster hunter, overemoting by someone claiming to feel nothing, and a wonderful Frankenstein’s Monster.

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    Wow, asked and answered before I could even look at it.
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    "Why don't you go ahead and grab it?" "If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to stick your hand into a viscous material." My favorite line from that movie. :)
    – dmoonfire
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    I added a poster to your answer. That should help people who come across this answer recognize the movie.
    – Adamant
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    Wolverine : Origins : Origins
    – Gusdor
    Commented Sep 13, 2016 at 11:55

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