This question is referring to any of the media, current canon or Legends.

In the old republic era, there were a few Force users with the ability to change the tide of the battle by using the force. In the Knights of the Old Republic series Bastila was one, and in the Darth Bane series there were a couple. After the Ruusan reformation the Jedi military was mostly disbanded and they became like the Jedi in the movies. Was this technique ever used again be Jedi during the Clone Wars or the Legends Expanded Universe?



In Legends, many post-Ruusan Jedi have had this ability.

The most notable is Luke Skywalker himself. In the audio drama Dark Empire II, Luke discovers a text detailing the art of Battle Meditation:

KAM: Luke, look at this book! Can you read what it says?

LUKE: A little. Something about....”Jedi Battle Meditation.” I should study this book. I should study all these books.

Star Wars: Dark Empire II

We can assume he eventually read it. Given his innate Force powers, it seems highly probable that he mastered the art.

We can’t forget Leia Organa, who also learned this art from an old book:

LEIA: The Emperor’s here! He wants us! He wants our children!

HAN: Blast that scum! If I ever get him in my sights, he’s rancor food!

LEIA: I don’t need a blaster. Not with what I’ve just learned about Jedi Battle Meditation.

Star Wars: Empire’s End

There are various others, but these are probably the highest-profile practitioners.

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  • While ambiguously canon, Diala Pasil from the board game Star Wars: Imperial Assault can learn Battle Meditation. – Thunderforge Sep 15 '16 at 22:20
  • Don't forget jedi council member Oppo Rancisis. His skill at battle meditation was invaluable to the republic before his death on Saleucami. – Ferus Olin Sep 16 '16 at 2:36
  • @FerusOlin - There are many others listed on the wiki and elsewhere. These are just the two best-known, and particularly unambiguous. – Adamant Sep 16 '16 at 3:27

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