Help to find a really short story about small boy from large family who made a really simple device (IIRC it consisted of tin can and two paper circles) which could make things disappear if you look at them through it and blink. Some other points I remember:

  • First thing he made disappear was cat
  • He did't invent the device but read about it in a little sister diary
  • Said sister told that she knows how return all items and requested some stuff. In the end all that stuff was actually just something she wanted for herself.
  • She has destroyed golden watch for "dramatic moment"
  • In the end she just told that all items would return exactly 7 days after disappearence, as boy built 7-days version of the device
  • She mentioned that she tried to make longer-working version of the device, but couldn't because it requires blood from a heart of young boy, and her little brother screamed too much when she tried to make a cut
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The story is "Seven-Day Terror" by R A Lafferty. One of his best. You can find it in one of the "Year's Best SF" anthologies edited by Judith Merrill. Sorry I can't recall exactly which Year.


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