This question got me thinking, in The Hobbit we see Bilbo receive a mithril shirt, which he gives to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

Are any there any other weapons or armour that we know are made of Mithril?

  • The west doors of Moria were made by Celebrimbor with Mithril.
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    Sep 27, 2016 at 20:52
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    Objects made of Mithril - Wikipedia
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  • 2
    Objects made of Mithril - One Ring Wiki
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  • @Valorum Wikipedia shouldn't be so complete...
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    @Ginasius You're talking about nerds on the internet and LOTR. Of course it's complete.
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In addition to Bilbo's mithril chain shirt, we know of:

  • Nenya, the Ring of Power borne by Galadriel:

    On her finger was Nenya, the ring wrought of mithril, that bore a single white stone flickering like a frosty star.

    Return of the King Book VI Chapter 9: "The Grey Havens"

  • The substance ithildin:

    Mithril! All folk desired it. It could be beaten like copper, and polished like glass; and the Dwarves could make of it a metal, light and yet harder than tempered steel. Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of mithril did not tarnish or grow dim. The Elves dearly loved it, and among many uses they made of it ithildin, starmoon

    Fellowship of the Ring Book II Chapter 4: "A Journey in the Dark"

    The only known use of ithildin was the West-gate of Moria:

    At the top, as high as Gandalf could reach, was an arch of interlacing letters in an Elvish character. Below, though the threads were in places blurred or broken, the outline could be seen of an anvil and a hammer surmounted by a crown with seven stars. Beneath these again were two trees, each bearing crescent moons. More clearly than all else there shone forth in the middle of the door a single star with many rays.


    'They are wrought of ithildin that mirrors only starlight and moonlight, and sleeps until it is touched by one who speaks words now long forgotten in Middle-earth.

    Fellowship of the Ring Book II Chapter 4: "A Journey in the Dark"

    It's also implied that the Elves did a bunch of other things with mithril, but we have no explicit references to what those might be.

  • Presumably the Elves used ithildin in other places than the one door, but we have no explicit confirmation. It seems likely that the Moon-letters of the Dwarves were made of a substance not unlike ithildin, since they exhibit similar characteristics:

    "Moon-letters are rune-letters, but you cannot see them," said Elrond, "not when you look straight at them. They can only be seen when the moon shines behind them

    The Hobbit Chapter 3: "A Short Rest"

  • The original Elendilmir was set in a filet of mithril:

    [T]he Elendilmir itself, the white star of Elvish crystal upon a fillet of mithril that had descended from Silmarien to Elendil, and had been taken by him as the token of royalty in the North Kingdom.

    Unfinished Tales Part 3: "The Third Age" Chapter 1: "The Disaster at the Gladden Fields"

    It's possible that the second Elendilmir, the one wrought for Valandil after the first was lost with Isildur, was also made from mithril; however, I've yet to find evidence of this.

  • The helmets of the Citadel guard:

    The Guards of the gate were robed in black, and their helms were of strange shape, high-crowned, with long cheek-guards close-fitting to the face, and above the cheek-guards were set the white wings of sea-birds; but the helms gleamed with a flame of silver, for they were indeed wrought of mithril, heirlooms from the glory of old days.

    Return of the King Book V Chapter 1: "Minas Tirith"

  • The crown on Aragorn's standard:

    Upon the foremost ship a great standard broke, and the wind displayed it as she turned towards the Harlond. There flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above it, the signs of Elendil that no lord had borne for years beyond count. And the stars flamed in the sunlight, for they were wrought of gems by Arwen daughter of Elrond; and the crown was bright in the morning, for it was wrought of mithril and gold.

    Return of the King Book V Chapter 6: "The Battle of the Pelennor Fields"

  • In the Fourth Age, Gimli forged new gates for Minas Tirith:

    After the fall of Sauron, Gimli brought south a part of the Dwarf-folk of Erebor, and he became Lord of the Glittering Caves. He and his people did great works in Gondor and Rohan. For Minas Tirith they forged gates of mithril and steel to replace those broken by the Witch-king.

    Return of the King Appendix A: "Annals of the Kings and Rulers" III Durin's Folk

  • It's likely that more heirlooms of Númenor were made of mithril before the Downfall; Unfinished Tales remarks of Tar-Telemmaitë, fifteenth king of Númenor:

    This King was so called1 because of his love of silver, and he bade his servants to seek ever for mithril.

    Unfinished Tales Part 2: "The Second Age" Chapter 3: "The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor"

    Though, in fairness, we don't know whether he made anything of it or just hoarded the raw metal.

1 Per the Index of Unfinished Tales, telemmaitë means "silver-handed" in Quenya

  • And the Mariner's ship, at least according to Bilbo - "A ship then new they built for him of mithril and of elven-glass with shining prow; no shaven oar nor sail she bore on silver mast:"
    – Valorum
    Sep 27, 2016 at 22:15
  • I'll note here that, although Wikipedia claims that Eärendil was given a ship made from mithril for his new life as a star, the only source for this is Bilbo's poem; the actual stories about Eärendil I've looked at so far indicate that he set sail again in Vingilot, which was not made from mithril (cc @Valorum) Sep 27, 2016 at 22:17

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