In the season six finale Daenerys is sailing for Westeros with her army (consisting of the Unsullied, the Dorthraki and three dragons) and her allies the Greyjoys, the Tyrells and the Martells (Dorne).

The Unsullied and the Dorthraki look like they're dressed for a beach party. Is it really a good idea

to bring an army that is not used to winter conditions (such as blizzards, freezing rain, or extreme wind chill) to Westeros at the start of the winter?

Also there is the matter of provisions for the people and the horses. Her allies, however wealthy they are, probably'll need those supplies for the long winter ahead for their own people.

What were the consideratons to start a military campaign in these conditions instead of waiting out the winter in Essos and attacking in the spring, even if it takes years? Why did Daenerys and her advisors decide that winter is the right time to conquer Westeros?

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  • Presumably (I'm no expert), winter is not very harsh at those parts of Westeros closest to Targaryens' lands, and that's where she would meet most of her opposition, since it's also close to King's Landing. She may be thinking that she wouldn't have to fight in the North, since Northmen had bowed to her ancestors before, and present Starks only really care about being left alone and facing the white walkers (as far as my knowledge extends). – Gallifreyan Oct 1 '16 at 20:19
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    “The Unsullied and the Dorthraki look like they're dressed for a beach party.” This might blow your mind, but I think in the Game of Throne universe they have a technology called “luggage”, which allows them to store and transport clothes without having to wear them. – Paul D. Waite Oct 2 '16 at 12:32
  • “Why did Daenerys and her advisors decide that winter is the right time to conquer Westeros?” As Stannis would have said for almost the entirety of his life, attacking in winter is fine! Don’t worry about it! We’ll totally win! – Paul D. Waite Oct 2 '16 at 12:36
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    @PaulD.Waite Dany : Winter, what winter? It'll be fine, I have my warm evening shaal in my luggage. – Ekaterin Nile Oct 2 '16 at 16:25
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    They got dragons bro, they can just heat themselves up as they go. (D&D&Cogs, please don't use this as inspiration, k tanx). – Möoz Oct 3 '16 at 22:20

They didn't decide that winter is the right time to conquer Westeros. Rather, they wanted to conquer it as soon as possible; but they needed sizeable armies, a navy, and solving the Meereenese knot. By the end of the season, after struggling with those since forever, Dænerys finally managed to get hold of all the pieces, and sailed at once. They wouldn't sit around and wait for winter to end—conditions would grow unfavorable, her allies are eager for battle, and no one knows when winter will end anyway (given past history, possibly after a generation or longer).

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    This is correct, but I also think it's correct to say that the Dothraki at least are in for a suprise. Light horse who have never seen snow will not do well unless they get issued some plot armor. – Paul Oct 2 '16 at 13:21
  • You cant have all. Dany's priority was to free the slaves in Slaver's bay. That's very admiable, but looks like many dorthraki men and horses and others will pay with their lives. Honestly, who starts a campaign in the winter except the most hardened northeners? – Ekaterin Nile Oct 2 '16 at 16:35
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    @Paul I agree; between naval warfare and snow this might well prove to be Dæny's Napoleon-in-Russia moment, and she might find herself guilty of the Dothraki Doom. The emotional pressure would be further fodder for her temptation to go full-on fire and blood on Westeros, before the bigger threat of Euron and the Others offer a redemptive path. – melboiko Oct 4 '16 at 19:53

Well, I don’t think it is that complicated. They are dressed for summery weather, as it is summer in that scene at that point in time. When you go on a skiing trip in the alps, you don’t get into your car, wearing winter clothing, but you have your clothing in your luggage. I simply think they have theirs stowed away under deck.

  • Sigh. Tried to buy skiing equipment in the middle east? It's a bit challenging, except maybe in the UAE. I doubt slaversbay.com supplied them quality winter clothing :) – Ekaterin Nile Oct 2 '16 at 16:37
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    Essos surely has parts where you might either need winter-ish clothing or at least supports animals with fur – Baron Furzgesicht Oct 2 '16 at 17:07

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