I feel like I'm going nuts because I swear this is what the book was called. I picked it up once at my local library years ago (around 2001, roughly). It was part of a series of fantasy books, young adult fantasy I believe, and it was very interesting and wittily written.

I remember a character (female, I think) travelling with a severed head that was enchanted to still be alive, and talk. There was a crow with the head, and he was a pretty sassy bastard, and I think they were all on a quest to reunite the head with its body but I can't be sure.

Sorry, I know that's not much to go on, but I've had a burning desire to read this series remembering how interesting it looked when I was younger. Dunno why I put it down in the first place.

I recall the cover vividly (it was a paperback). It featured the crow, with the girl standing in a background of long golden grass.


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I'm guessing Elizabeth Pewsey's The Talking Head. An AbeBooks review says:

The talking head has red curls, green eyes, and a stroppy personality, and is accompanied by an equally tiresome talking raven. The head has been (by its own request) severed from its body during a battle between the Tuans and the Vemorians, and now demands to be restored to it. Gilly and Hal — who inadvertently walked through an arch and into a time outside time and space, and fell into conversation with a Tuan boy called Lugh — get landed with the job. Their adventures with and without the head are funny,exciting and unexpected."

The only cover I've found features a dark bird.

Book cover with crow

ISFDB.org notes that this is part of the Otherworld series.

For what it's worth, since you were fairly certain of the title, I went to ISFDB.org and searched by title. I noticed that one of them was marked as "young adult", so I did a bit more searching, found the book cover, and then eventually the AbeBooks reference.

  • THAT'S THE ONE!! I KNEW I had the title right!! No idea why it wasn't popping up on search engines, guess it was a common term and I needed the author's name.. thank you SO much!!
    – Aurynleid
    Oct 3, 2016 at 13:31
  • A Google search for "the talking head" novel also worked for me. Oct 4, 2016 at 3:53
  • 1
    All a matter of finding the right keywords. :)
    – FuzzyBoots
    Oct 4, 2016 at 4:49

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