A word of warning...this question reveals plot points from season 3, episode 1.

In The Flash 3x01 "Flashpoint", the alternate timeline Barry’s in

starts to overwrite the reality Barry knows and he starts losing his memories of his life as The Flash

Transcription from a scene:

Thawne: And here, I was starting to think you'd forgotten all about me.
Barry: But I am forgetting. What's happening to me?
Thawne: I was wondering when you'd notice.
Barry: It's like I'll be thinking of a moment from my past and then it... It vanishes. I can't get it back. Why?
Thawne: Flashpoint. It's a side effect. See, I told you before. You don't know what you're doing. This new reality you've created is starting to overwrite the reality that you and I know. So your original life... Your friends, your family... Pretty soon, all of that will just fade away
Barry: Why isn't it happening to you?
Thawne: Not sure. Unless...
Barry: What? What? What the hell's so funny?
Thawne: Your speed! The more you use it, the faster you lose your memories.
Barry: No. No, you're lying. You just want me to let you out of here. That's never gonna happen.
Thawne: The you I know from the future, he's not this stupid. Pretty soon, you won't even remember that you're The Flash. And when that happens, this world will become permanent. Time will set like concrete, and nothing will be able to change it back to the way it was.

But at the end of the episode,

Barry decides to fix the timeline and then Eobard kills Barry's mom and the timeline is fixed; the events of season 1 and 2 still happened, although some are slightly different, for example Joe and Iris.

So: are all of his memories of

his old life — i.e. the events of season 1 and 2 — back in his head?


Speculation based on Observation: It is unlikely Barry's memories will be the same as they were when he left home. That particular version of him has moved around past the Flashpoint, caused ripples in space-time, twice, possible three times, and these temporal ripples are crashing together causing discontinuities in the timelines.

Each time he has changed the past would likely have had no serious long-term effects he would notice, but significant changes alter time appreciably making greater ripples and having greater effects on behavior, choices and possible outcomes for those characters.

I believe as he continued to live, the past was rewriting itself to matching his awareness to the timeline he is now living in.

When he returned to what he believes is his timeline, his memory loss probably stops but since there have been changes in the timeline in the distant past, there are likely ripples and echoes of events which might not match his memories, events which happened because of these changes to this singular event which cast minor fluctuations through time.

Things he did not "know" when he arrived, he will eventually "learn" and his memory will adjust accordingly. Assuming he is home in the first place...

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    +1 This also fits with what happened during "Flashpoint" itself -- as he drew on the Speed Force to use his powers, his memories began rewriting themselves to fit the new timeline. If the show is consistent, that will continue to happen. – KutuluMike Oct 12 '16 at 17:31

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