Near the end of The Menagerie Part 1, in the footage from The Cage, there is a scene where the landing party first beams down to Talos IV (about 36'50" on the DVD).

As the group appear walking from behind some rocks, Spock has a noticeable limp. This is not mentioned in the episode.

Is there a reason for this (perhaps something from The Cage and omitted in The Menagerie) or just Leonard Nimoy carrying an injury?


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The injury was scripted rather than real

Leonard Nimoy - Often asked: Why did Spock smile and limp in the first ST pilot? Answer: Was told to smile by the director/ to limp by Gene Roddenberry.

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As to why Spock was limping;

Trivia: In case you were wondering why Spock is limping in the scenes on Talos IV, the original script for “The Cage” indicated that he’d been injured on Rigel VII, in the fight that Pike briefly discusses with Dr. Boyce.

Star Trek Re-watch: “The Menagerie” Part I


This 74-page script is very narrative heavy--everything is described and explained. Again, very understandable, it was setting the scene, describing the Trek universe for the first time.

It is noted that Spock's limp and the bandages on the various crewmembers are a result of the recent battle on Rigel VII, thus laying to rest all the speculation that Leonard Nimoy was limping because of a real life accident.

The Cage: Revised Draft

From the episode itself;

BOYCE: Sometimes a man'll tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor. What's been on your mind, Chris, the fight on Rigel Seven?

PIKE: Shouldn't it be? My only yeoman and two others dead, seven injured.

The Menagerie: Transcript

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