If said bad guy uses/finds out their real names he gets control over them.

It starts off with a young male protagonist that is from a version of "our world" he discovers he can transform any matter into anything he wants. (one point he turns a bullet into a rose) . We then meet another young man who lives in a world where virtual reality has taken over and he and his friends play a game most of the time. Robots in his house take care of everything. We then meet a girl who is from a middle age type world and is a bad ass. I don't recall much about her.

I hope this is enough plot to help!

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I think this may be a series called Diadem, the first book of which is "The Book of Names", by John Peel.

The series does start out with three protagonists, one from a high-tech world with people all but living in VR - that would be Pixel, whose talent is finding solutions, one from a middle ages warrior culture type world - Renald, who had foresight and had been using a male disguise to learn to fight, and one from a world very similar to ours - Score, who can change matter, or turn one thing into another. The bullet into a rose trick sounds very familiar.

One of the plots is indeed that real names can be used to attack or control people - the protagonists bend that rule twice, once by leaning on nicknames (or screen names) instead of rarely-used formal names, and I think once the reverse, when dealing with a foe that had heard about the first attack's failure.

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