I'm trying to identify a novel (or short story) I read as a teen in the early 1990s. I don't remember the author but remember the title, Cockroach Races, as it was translated to Russian ("Tarakan'i Bega"), from which language I don't know, might have been original Russian. I tried searching for "Cockroach Races" in English-language literature but with no success.

The novel describes a technologically advanced society of the future where most people don't work but receive allowances, which they are required to spend to keep the economy going. A small subset of the population, "brainiacs" (distinguished by their prominent foreheads), work in research, but the majority of the population, alienated, bide their time in empty pursuits. A family is being described: the woman (wife? sister?) is having an affair with a brainiac hoping to conceive a "brainy" child, but the offspring turns out mentally deficient; the man (husband?) and his friends entertain themselves by racing cockroaches.

If the above sounds familiar, please let me know the author and title. Any help is appreciated.

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