The ode to Ray Bradbury by comedian Rachel Bloom was nominated for a Hugo Award in 2011. It's quite NSFW, titled "F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury", so I won't include the YouTube video here.

The first two words were probably exaggeration for comedic effect.

But does she really appreciate Ray Bradbury that much, or did she want to honour a great SF writer in general and did she choose Bradbury for artistic reasons, such as how his name sounded in the song? (As opposed to "I want to make love, with Asimov").


Rachel Bloom has made clear in several interviews that Ray Bradbury is her favourite writer.

As she said in The Dallas Observer:

"I was re-reading The Martian Chronicles that summer, which is one of my favorite books, (...)"

And in Wired:

"I would say very earnestly that I am overwhelmed with how well he combines such mind-blowingly cool ideas with the realism of how humans deal with these ideas," she told Booktryst. "That's what struck me especially about Martian Chronicles or The Illustrated Man.... I found myself as emotionally engaged as I was mentally. If I really met him, I would be nothing but respectful and probably like the 12-year-old boy I secretly am inside."

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