From comic/movie sources, how many times faster could Wolverine heal than the average human? Non-canon counts if you need to use it. What is his healing time rate compared to the average, healthy human?

For example, an average human heals at x 1

What does Wolverine heal at compared to that?


Insanely fast

During the course of the movies and comics, Wolverine was multiply time shot, stabbed, blasted with deadly rays, crushed and he healed those wounds in matter of seconds, in worst cases minutes.

Now to compare this to ordinary human, where 1 cm long, few millimetres deep wound can take 1 week to heal completely. Getting shot by bullet (assuming you survive) can take 3-6 months.

Lets compare this in pictures (thanks to @Kimberly W):

Here is Wolverine healing from nuclear blast healing in minutes:

enter image description here

Here is 1 cm square shallow wound healed in month

enter image description here

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